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A Blanket Quite Rare

Published in May, 2015, "A Blanket Quite Rare" is a picture book written and illustrated by Lisa Ikegami, Published by Neptune Press. Here are some of the exciting things that this book has brought to life!


The Reviews Are In!

“A Blanket Quite Rare” is a story in verse about a special blanket made carefully for a special boy, full of stripes of bright colors and so warm it made the boy feel safe in the night, even during thunderstorms. The boy soon learns that the blanket's rainbow colors are an echo of the brilliant colors of the world about him, from flying birds to wild raccoons, turtles, flowers, and even a snake! "All around the trees sparkling dragonflies flew. There were ladybugs, tree frogs, and bumblebees too. He saw so many colors as he looked high and low. "Where did they come from?" he wanted to know. Finally the boy sees a beautiful rainbow, after a thunderstorm, and although he doesn't quite fully understand, he is grateful and happy to love his blanket forever, because it showed him the miracle of the rainbow. Specially created illustrations with strokes of crayon color offer vibrant backdrop to this charming verse story for children ages 6-10."


Altamonte Springs Library Group Reading, June 2015

"This title is very whimsical with beautiful watercolor illustrations throughout. The pictures are unique and very colorful. The book mainly takes place in a boy's room while he is under his favorite blanket weathering a storm.This book may give children a new perspective on nature and how it is why it is. It may also help them cope with fear or insecurity. The main character's challenge will encourage a child to imagine and inquire in ways that maybe they wouldn't have before."


Reviewed by Elizabeth B


"A Blanket Quite Rare, written and illustrated by Lisa Geotis Ikegami, is a rare gem of a book for children ages 4 to 10. A young boy receives a special hand-knit blanket for his birthday. That evening he is frightened during a thunderstorm and takes refuge in bed under the safety of his birthday blanket. Not only does the blanket calm him, but it takes him on a magical journey.

Both boys and girls will find A Blanket Quite Rare to be appealing and engaging. The story is written solely using rhymes, but there are several pages with only artwork which keeps the flow of narration from becoming trite. Using watercolors, the illustrations are attractive and children can depict the emotions of a frightening thunderstorm and the resulting joy in the peace and calm of a sunny day. Some of the drawings are very detailed and might encourage a child to linger on the page and enjoy looking to see what all has been included.

This book meets the KIDS FIRST!. Overall content of the book is good. The story is easy to follow with a clear beginning, middle and end. The production quality and the visual appeal of the book are very appealing. I recommend this book for any child who might ever be fearful during a thunderstorm."

Reviewed by Ruth A.


"A Blanket Quite Rare" was instrumental in instruction as a part of the special needs curriculum at The Center for Contemporary Dance in Orlando, Florida. 

Summer 2017- at the Maitland Public Library, several story times accompanied installation of some of the original art from the book.

These students are having fun with a program written for classroom use which corresponds to the Florida State Standards / Common Core Curriculum based on "A Blanket Quite Rare". 

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